Indications for Use

The AIRVO is for the treatment of spontaneously breathing patients who would benefit from receiving high-flow warmed and humidified respiratory gases, including patients who have upper airways bypassed. The oxygen flow may be from 2 - 60L/min depending on the patient interface and the facilities oxygen delivery source. A facility with piped-in oxygen can deliver up to 60L/min, while a facility using oxygen concentrators can deliver up to 10L/min.

Patient Interface

The AIRVO can be used with a variety of patient interfaces. The Optiflow Nasal Interface covers the nostrils, leaving the mouth unobstructed. The Tracheostomy Interface connects directly to the tracheostomy tube and is secured using a lanyard around the neck. Finally, the Mask Interface Adapter allows users to connect the tubing to a 22mm port on a vented tracheostomy mask or standard oxygen mask. NJRA's respiratory therapist will help select the interface the best fits the individuals needs. 

How We Help

NJRA works with each facility to help ensure they have all the equipment and training they need to care for an individual requiring a AIRVO. Our services include:

  • AIRVO Rental
  • Patient Interfaces, circuits, & chambers
  • Equipment set-up, clinical assessment, follow-up visits
  • AIRVO in-services, policy & procedures, nurse competencies

If you are interested in treating individuals using the AIRVO contact us today!

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