Treat the whole patient with a single view.

Upon admission, a Patient Profile page is created by NJRA for each patient. The profile consolidates all patient information into one place; including therapy visit details, admission information, and assigned equipment.  

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Job and Appointment Scheduling

The Respiratory Cloud also provides a schedule platform for therapists and technicians. Combining Patient Profiles with the scheduling platform, therapists and technicians walk into a facility with a schedule of patients to visit and tasks to complete. NJRA uses this data to efficiently manage the workforce and be sure that they continually provide value to facilities and patients. The platform is customizable, with the ability to integrate functions to gather and analyze data from all delivery settings. For example, NJRA can customize reports and data fields on a therapist’s mobile device to quickly gather insightful metrics.

Mobile First

Therapists and technicians can view all patient appointments and tasks from their mobile device using the Respiratory Cloud App. Details of their visit are uploaded in real time to the Patient Profile.