Respiratory Equipment

NJRA provides equipment for rent and sale to cater to an organization’s individual needs. We offer various equipment management programs depending on the size and scope of the organization. Our preventative maintenance and repair department services all respiratory equipment.



NJRA’s BiPAP Set&Go is a consignment BiPAP/CPAP machine for SNFs.  With the increase in after-hour and weekend admissions, SNFs can be assured they have a machine ready at a moments notice. 

How it works

NJRA delivers our BiPAP Set&Go container containing one (1) BiPAP, one (1) nasal mask, and one (1) BiPAP Circuit.  In addition, we provide a separate bin with additional BiPAP masks.  When an admission comes in after-hours or on the weekend, the nursing supervisor will grab the machine and call NJRA. NJRA will then walk the supervisor through setting the machine to the proper settings. Finally, the mask is attached and the machine is placed by the bedside. NJRA will then deliver a replacement consignment machine the next day.  

When to use it

NJRA is always available to deliver a BiPAP machine, however times do arise when patients need a machine immediately. In those cases, the BiPAP machine can be used to maintain the level of care each resident requires. 

What is a BiPAP/CPAP used for?

BiPAP/CPAP machines are traditionally used for the management of sleep apnea, as well as the management of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).  In the SNF setting, NJRA focuses on BiPAP/CPAP use for the management of COPD.  The positive pressure acts as non-invasive ventilation tool for individuals with COPD, enabling them to reduce their CO2 level, especially during the PM hours. 


Respiratory Supplies

NJRA is a full service provider of respiratory supplies. Our same-day delivery service guarantees that our clients will have all necessary supplies to maintain a high level of care for their patients. When a patient is discharged, the facility can return unused items and only pay for the supplies they use.