Indications for Use

NIOV delivers users a mixture of oxygen and air in order to make breathing easier. It is designed for Individuals that are capable of spontaneously breathing a minimum tidal volume of 3.5 ml/kg of predicted body weight. By delivering high tidal volume, the NIOV system can improved exercise tolerance and diminished inspiratory effort, respiratory rate, and shortness of breath.

The NIOV System

The NIOV comes with a special nasal interface that covers the nostrils, leaving the mouth unobstructed. There are also three distinct activity levels: resting, moderate activity, and exercise. The respiratory therapist will help select the most comfortable nasal interface and set activity levels that best fit each individual’s needs.

The NIOV has an internal battery that lasts approximately four hours and the unit can also be plugged in while the user is not mobile. In addition, a pressure source is required such as an oxygen cylinder or liquid portable. 

How We Help

NJRA works with each facility to help ensure they have all the equipment and training they need to care for an individual using a NIOV. Our services include:

  • NIOV Rental
  • Nasal Interfaces
  • Equipment set-up, clinical assessment & fittings, follow-up visits
  • NIOV in-services, policy & procedures, and nurse competency

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