Clinical Services

NJRA's respiratory therapists evaluate every BiPAP/CPAP & Tracheostomy patient admitted to our facilities. NJRA’s therapists provide follow-up care 1-3 times per week and 24/7 on-call coverage for emergencies.

The Admission Process 

NJRA’s involvement begins when the director of admissions notifies NJRA of a pending admission and provides the patient’s information. NJRA contacts the hospital to confirm the information and to obtain an overview of the patient’s status.  Next, NJRA sends a respiratory equipment technician to the facility to set-up the patient’s room with all equipment and supplies.

NJRA tracks the transport of the patient to ensure that a therapist evaluates the patient in a timely manner. Each patient receives an initial assessment that documents respiratory history, present condition, recommendations for therapy, and goals of therapy.  NJRA’s RTs provide follow-up visits regularly and upon discharge.

Respiratory Consults

Currently, for the general pneumonia and COPD population, NJRA evaluates patients during a decline in status upon physician order.  A respiratory therapist assesses the patient in order to determine the best way to treat the exacerbation and avoid readmission to the hospital.