Policies & Procedures

Effective and well integrated nursing care processes are essential to optimal care and regulatory compliance. NJRA’s Policy and Procedure Manual offers sub-acute & long-term care facilities the framework for an organized, effective respiratory care process that is evidenced-based and well integrated with other disciplines.

NJRA’s Policy and Procedure Manual covers multidisciplinary care processes, including:

  • Administrative (e.g., licensing, insurance, & infection control)
  • Medications (e.g., bronchodilators)
  • Equipment (e.g., oxygen safety & changing disposables)
  • Therapy (e.g., CPAP/BiPAP set-up & patient assessment)
  • Diagnostic Tests (e.g., pulse oximetry)
  • Emergency (e.g., manual resuscitation & power outages)


Feel free to utilize NJRA’s Policy and Procedure Manual for your facility!